We are always keen to hear from passionate and talented people interested in joining our team. While we unfortunately don’t currently have the budget to offer payment, the hope is that with the help of volunteers we will soon grow to a position in which this will be possible. The roles we need to fill are listed below.



Social Media Officer

Volunteer Position

We are looking for a volunteer to help out for a few hours (or more) a week in the research and creation of posts for our various social media channels, including Facebook and Twitter. We are trialling the position for a period of 2 months with the opportunity to extend. Applications open until the 18th October.

What will the work entail?

The job will involve deep immersion in The Public Domain Review’s archive of content (more than 700 posts), identifying post-worthy material (choosing images, extracts from books/essays, etc.), and constructing high quality social media posts around these finds. Over time there may be the opportunity, if so desired, to take on more responsibility regarding direction of social media campaigns. Regarding hours, we are very flexible, but we’d be aiming to get someone who could commit at least 4 hours or more a week. The volunteer would be working directly with the Editor, Adam, and neither time of day nor time zone is particularly relevant as the work can be done remotely if needed.

Why is the work important for the project?

Getting someone onboard to help increase both the quantity and quality of social media posts is vital to the project’s growth. Social media is perhaps the single most important channel we have for increasing our audience, but, with the Editor stretched to the limit as it is juggling everything else, we do not nearly do enough as we should. The Social Media Officer would change all this. Increasing the social media output is not only vital in helping the project reach new audiences but also in helping our existing readers discover content hidden away and not getting seen.

Is it paid?

As mentioned above, we unfortunately do not currently have the budget to offer payment. We do though hope for this to change in the near future, and in such a scenario there would be the opportunity, for the right candidate, to develop the role into something more formal.

What qualities are you looking for?

First and foremost, we are looking for someone with a sense of humour, an eye for detail, and a way with words. And, of course, a true love and knowledge of the content which is to be found in The Public Domain Review. Some experience with social media is definitely a bonus – that is, familiarity with the paraphrasing, turn of phrase, involved in the construction of posts, and also a strong idea about what makes a post popular. Having said this, past experience is not essential as we believe it is something which can be learned relatively quickly.

How do I apply?

While we expect a certain amount of on-the-job learning regarding getting the tone right for the kind of social media posts we’d like to put out, it would be great to find someone with a natural knack for this – that is, someone whose tastes broadly align with our own. As such, we thought it would be helpful for those interested to send in some mock posts – three Twitter and three Facebook posts – each of which promotes content from The Public Domain Review, both essays and collection posts. For each post please include a link back to the site, and a link to an image. Not including the URL, the Twitter posts should be no more than 100 characters in length. Our social media posts range from quite simple descriptions, to the more inventive. For the purposes of these six posts we’d like you to make, please focus largely on posts which tend toward the latter.

In case it is of use, here’s a few examples of previous posts we’ve deemed to hit the mark:
Twitter – post 1, post 2, post 3, post 4 /

Facebook – post 1, post 2, post 3, post 4.

Send in your example posts – in a Word, Open Office, or simple text document – to Adam via If you have any questions then please don’t hesitate to get in touch.