In this part of the site we present animated GIFs which have been created from public domain material. We’ve teamed up with GIF masters Okkult Motion Pictures who will provide regular contributions but we are also welcoming submissions from other sources so please do get in touch if you’ve got something to offer – email:

Click on below to see the GIFs full size, more info and, where applicable, more GIFs from that particular series.

Winners of the GIF IT UP Competition

The Digital Public Library of America and DigitalNZ held the GIF IT UP competition over the course of Autumn 2014: a contest to find the best animated GIFs reusing …more

George (2014)

Animated GIF created by Bill Domonkos, using Prelinger Archive footage of the heart’s function and a photograph from The Library of Congress….more

Flag Semaphore GIF

Animated GIF created by Emily Beliveau, spelling out a very special message… (if you’d like to work it out here’s the guide) Source: Military Signalling (1920…more

Tesseract (2013)

An ostrich runs inside a turning tesseract above the hands of a woman. Animated GIF created by Bill Domonkos….more

The Flying Lighthouse of Barfleur

Animated GIF created by Alex Pickup from a photograph of the Barfleur Lighthouse in Normandy, from Volume 5 of Les travaux publics de la France. Find the original f…more

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