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Vol.9 #1

New Essay

“O Uommibatto”: How the Pre-Raphaelites Became Obsessed with the Wombat

Angus Trumble on Dante Gabriel Rossetti and company’s curious but longstanding fixation with the furry oddity that is the wombat — that “most beautiful of God’s creatures” which found its way into their poems, their art, and even, for a brief while, their homes.

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Class of 2019!

Our pick of those whose works enter the public domain this year

Every January 1st thousands of works turn public domain due to copyright expiration. Normally this excludes the United States due to their peculiar copyright laws. But this year is different. For the first time in more than 20 years artworks, films, books, and music will enter the US public domain!!! See our highlights here for the US and also those countries with a 70+ and 50+ year copyright term.

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New Collection Items


Physical Training for Business Men (1917)

New year’s resolution to do more exercise? A business man? Then this book from 1917 may just be the perfect read for January. (And for everyone else, you can just look at the brilliant photographs.)

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Characters and Caricaturas by William Hogarth (1743)

Hogarth’s wonderful pictorial defence against claims his art was more about caricatures than characters.

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Schneider Von Groot’s Christmas Dream (1885)

Born of the temperance movement, this poem dramatises the ills of drinking schnapps, through one man’s bloody battle with thousands of intoxicated demons.

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From our friends at Jstor Daily


The Metamorphosis of a 17th-Century Insect Artist

Maria Sibylla Merian’s work in the natural sciences was overlooked for centuries. Now a rare butterfly has been named in her honor.

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Our collection of recommended books

A hand-picked selection of recently published books (within the last 15 years or so), all of which in someway tap into the tastes and concerns of The Public Domain Review. There are many beautiful facsimiles and reproductions of works we’ve featured on the site, as well as fascinating books on a wide range of historical periods and themes, including many penned by our very own essay contributors.

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