Paperback / 216mm x 140mm / 196 pages
70lb paper / full colour / 14 essays / 79 illustrations

Perhaps our most sensuous volume yet, this third offering in our selected essays series is positively bursting with goodness, including chocolate highs, scorbutic visions, wonky badgers, sexy flora, deadly fogs, mathematical fish, coloured cubes of hyperspace, a very naughty Aristotle, and pianos comprised of yelping cats.

Adorned with illustrations from the likes of Ernst Haeckel, J. J. Grandville, Gustave Doré, and William Hogarth, the book is a full-colour visual feast, all printed on sumptuous 70lb paper.


Adam Green

Eugene Thacker
Black on Black

Christine Jones
When Chocolate was Medicine: Colmenero, Wadsworth and Dufour

Hugh Aldersey-Williams
A Bestiary of Sir Thomas Browne

Deirdre Loughridge and Thomas Patteson
Cat Pianos, Sound-Houses, and Other Imaginary Musical Instruments

Jonathan Lamb
Scurvy and the Terra Incognita

Mary Fissel
When the Birds and the Bees Were Not Enough: Aristotle’s Masterpiece

Matthew Beaumont
The Nightwalker and the Nocturnal Picaresque

Martin Kemp
Sex and Science in Robert Thornton’s Temple of Flora

Kevin Dann
Dr Mitchill and the Mathematical Tetrodon

Caroline Wazer
The Eternal Guffaw: John Leech and The Comic History of Rome

Brett Beasley
Bad Air: Pollution, Sin, and Science Fiction in William Delisle Hay’s The Doom of the Great City

Elaine Ayers
Richard Spruce and the Trials of Victorian Bryology

Jon Crabb
Notes on the Fourth Dimension

Abigail Walthausen
Tribal Life in Old Lyme: Canada’s Colorblind Chronicler and his Connecticut Exile






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The Public Domain Review: Selected Essays, Vol. I

Paperback / 216mm x 140mm / 346 pages / 70lb paper / full colour / 34 essays / 146 illustrations

Volcanoes, coffee, talking trees, pigs on trial, painted smiles, lost Edens, the social life of geometry, a cat called Jeoffry, lepidopterous spying, monkey-eating poets, imaginary museums, a woman pregnant with rabbits, an invented language drowning in umlauts, a disgruntled Proust, frustrated Flaubert… and much much more. Spread across six themed chapters – Animals, Bodies, Words, Worlds, Encounters and Networks – the book includes a stellar line up of contributors, including Jack Zipes, Frank Delaney, Arika Okrent, Noga Arikha, and Julian Barnes. (For a sneaky peek at the contents page, images from inside, and to buy click here).


The Public Domain Review: Selected Essays, Vol. II

Paperback / 216mm x 140mm / 195 pages / 70lb paper / full colour / 15 essays / 99 illustrations

From synesthetic auras and skeletal tableaux, to brainwashing machines and truth revealing diseases; from laughing gas and cocaine-fuelled poems, to Byronic vampires and petty pirates – the fifteen essays within chart a wonderfully curious course through the last 500 years or so: from the Age of Discovery to the rise of Modernism, from sea serpents of the 16th-century deep to early-20th-century Ouija literature. (For a sneaky peek at the contents page, images from inside and to buy click here).

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Can you tell me more about the Selected Essays series? – Released through our very own PDR Press, this “Selected Essays” series brings you the very best of our longform pieces in the form of lovingly-produced books. With each essay getting a fresh edit and adorned with a whole host of newly sourced imagery, this is very far from simply the website in printed form – these books are beautiful objects in and of themselves.

Why books? – Put simply, we love books and we suspect you do too. Online publishing has many great benefits – the ability to hyperlink, minimum cost, etc. – but there is nothing like feeling a book’s weight in your hand, reading words as ink and seeing images on paper. It’s been a true pleasure and honour to publish online such a wonderful collection of essays over the years, and we feel that this is the next logical step to giving them the platform they deserve.

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