Kusakabe Kimbei

In 1881, after working for many years with the European photographers Felice Beato and Baron Raimund von Stillfried as a photographic colourist and assistant, the Japanese photographer Kusakabe Kimbei finally opened his own workshop in the Benten-dōri quarter of Yokohama. He’d soon establish himself as one of the most respected and successful Japanese photographers of his generation, opening another studio in Yokohama’s Honmachi quarter in 1889, and also a branch in the Ginza quarter of Tokyo. The selection here focuses mostly on work from the early part of Kimbei’s career.



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  • Dancing Party
  • Fire Man
  • Flower Kept Alive by Putting in Water
  • Home Bathing
  • Jinrikishia
  • Kago Travelling Chair
  • Pilgrim Going Up Fujiyama
  • Playing Samisen, Tsudzumi, Fuye and Taiko
  • Samurai in Armour
  • Seated Woman
  • Street Amazake Seller
  • Woman Reclining with Pipe
  • Woman with Parasol being Pulled in a Jinrikisha
  • Wrestlers
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