The PDR Tote Bag

bag-mockup-design smaller-new-250pxwide

IMAGE: The picture is from 17th century astrologer, mathematician, cosmologist and occult philosopher Robert Fludd’s Utriusque Cosmi and, with its eclectic variety of disciplines depicted, it’s an image we feel represents the richness and variety of the public domain, that vast cultural commons which we are trying to open the door onto with our project.

THE BAGS: The bags are made from a sustainable crop in a Fair Trade Factory and printed in the U.K. (in Sheffield to be precise).

HOW DO I BUY?: This is not offered through Zazzle. They are the one item we have a small stock of. They are priced at $20 (ca.€15/£12), inclusive of postage and packaging, and you can pay via PayPal. Note, you don’t need to be signed up to PayPal to make the payment, you can just fill in your card details like any other online transaction.