Harry Kellar’s Levitation Trick


IMAGE: Harry Kellar (1849–1922) was an American magician of the late 19th and early 20th century, famous for his large stage shows during which he’d perform tricks such as the “The Levitation of Princess Karnac” and “Self Decapitation”, in which his head seemed to float apart from his body. He was hugely popular in his time, inspiring the likes of Harry Houdini, and reportedly acting as a model for the bald-headed wizard in the The Wonderful Wizard of Oz published in 1900. To accompany his shows he produced a series of wonderful promotional posters, such as this one presented here.

SIZE: A wide variety of sizes possible including the recommended 18″ x 24″

PAPER: Available on a variety of different papers from normal poster paper, through to heavyweight archival and premium canvas.

PRICE: Varies depending on size and paper type, but the recommended 18″ x 24″ size on normal poster paper costs around $19/€20/£14.

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