The Flying Man Poster


IMAGE: Illustration from a 1871 edition of The Century Illustrated Monthly Magazine showing the French inventor Retif de la Bretonne as he was imagined to look in his “flying suit”, complete with a basket for provisions to sustain him on his, proposed, long journey. The Century Illustrated article is not so optimistic: “We have no definite information whether Retif de la Bretonne ever attempted to demonstrate in person the feasibility of his little scheme, but we may be well assured that, if he did, the experiment was speedily followed by a funeral. There is in the picture a pyramidal elevation of some kind, which terminates in a very sharp point, and stands conveniently near for impalement, and it is probable enough that Retif, if he did indeed make the essay at flying, with his wings and “gingham umbrella,” transfixed himself upon it, and there remained until taken down for interment.”

SIZE: 13×19″

PAPER: Available on a variety of different papers from normal poster paper, through to heavyweight archival and premium canvas – prices starting from around $16/€14/£12.

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