Voyage a la Lune Poster


IMAGE: French cartoon from around 1865 showing a man riding on a bicycle-like flying machine while looking through a telescope attached to the front. Two balloons, “Veloc[ipedes]” and “Domanie,” are attached at the front and rear as are propeller-like wheels. Fantasies about travelling to the moon were rife throughout French culture around this time, with Jules Verne publishing De la Terre à la Lune in 1865, a novel about attempts to build an enormous space cannon and launch three people to the moon, a slightly more intense journey one would imagine than that would be undertaken by our balloon-powered pedalling man pictured here.

SIZE: 13×19″

PAPER: Available on a variety of different papers from normal poster paper, through to heavyweight archival and premium canvas – prices starting from around $16/€14/£12.

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