The Boston Public Library (est.1848) is a municipal public library system in Boston, Massachusetts, United States. It was the first publicly supported municipal library in the United States, the first large library open to the public in the United States, and the first public library to allow people to borrow books and other materials and take them home to read and use. Although not all digitisations of their material is available under an open license, some of it is, including a vast image collection available through Flickr and also the works of Eadweard Muybridge which can be found via the Eadweard Muybridge Online Archive.

Visit the Eadweard Muybridge Online Archive and their Flickr collections.


Tennis with Muybridge (1887)

Plates 294 to 299 of Eadweard Muybridge’s groundbreaking collection from 1887 titled Animal Locomotion: an Electro-Photographic Investigation of Connective Phases of Animal Movements, a massive …Continued
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