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Without support from our readers the project won’t be able to continue. It’s of vital importance to us that all the content is available for free, without paywalls, and without the intrusion of advertising. But this means that we need help from the people that enjoy the site to give a little something back to help keep the project going. This won’t just enable us to continue to bring you more wondrous and strange things from the history of art, literature and ideas, but it shall also help to ensure such public domain works are free for everyone to enjoy in the digital age. We see ourselves as at the heart of the fight to keep the public domain free from restrictions as it goes online. This vast commons of material is an invaluable and indispensable good, which – like our natural environment and our physical heritage – deserves to be explicitly recognised, protected and appreciated.

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We are a not-for-profit project meaning all money goes back into the site to keep it running, namely: compensating the editor for the 100+ hours needed a month to run the site, server costs, and technical support. If we get enough we’d also love to be able to offer an honorarium to our contributors.

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