Dame Talkative’s Old Sayings (ca.1824)

Dame Talkative’s Old Sayings, new revived for the amusement of young people; 1824?; E. Wallis, London.

A book of wonderfully illustrated rhymes which, although they appear to be for children, often veer into the world of more adult themes. As well as a few thefts, at one point a boy threatens to beat a snail “as black as a coal”, a lady-bird’s children are said to be possibly dying in a house-fire, and Margery Daw is called a “nasty slut”. The book seems to have been first published in 1818, with this being a later edition (a pencilled note on the inside pages indicating a date of 1824).

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  • Elba

    “Nasty slut” is not an adult theme. Reviewer needs to check up on his or her definitions on common words of old, especially in the reviewing older works in the public domain. “Slut” was a description of a slatternly woman- female version of a total slob.