Japanese Designs (1902)

Selected pages from 1901 and 1902 issues of Shin-Bijutsukai, a Japanese design magazine. You can see the original magazines in their wonderful entirety here in our Books collection


Housed at: Internet Archive | From: Smithsonian Libraries
Underlying Work: PD U.S. | Digital Copy: No Additional Rights
Download: Right click on image or see source for higher res versions

  • BEA

    increibles!!que suerte q podemos disfrutarlos q han sido conservados!

  • Kelly

    These images are incredible! The colors are so vibrant and alive, the compositions flowing like a symphony of inspiration on the tastebuds, I’m drooling….what I wouldn’t give to be holding these magazines in my hand right now. Thank you so much for finding and sharing, but most of all for this website.

  • E63

    So much harmony and tenderness here.

  • Meaghan Walsh Gerard

    They had WiFi back then? 🙂 (right column, 7th one down)