Adam Green


Adam is creator and boss of The Public Domain Review and the PDR Press. When not dedicating his time to the project, he is using his knowledge and love of scouring historical archives in the service of more experimental art and literary projects, which may or may not see the light of day. Currently living in London.

Brian Jones

Technical Lead

Brian is a historian and web developer. He trained at the University of Texas at Austin, studying marine science and empire in early modern Spain. Previously, he was the co-founder and publisher of The Appendix, a journal of experimental and narrative history.

Melissa McCarthy

Contributing Editor

Melissa is a writer who lives in Edinburgh. She studied English, and has worked writing about documentary film and contemporary art. Her book Sharks, Death, Surfers: An Illustrated Companion came out in 2019.

Hunter Dukes

Contributing Editor

Hunter Dukes lives in Helsinki and teaches at Tampere University. He studied English at Cambridge University, where he subsequently held a Junior Research Fellowship. His first book, Signature, a speculative travelogue and cultural history of autography, came out with Bloomsbury's Object Lessons series in 2020.

Nicholas Jeeves

Designer / Assoc. Editor (PDR Press)

Nicholas is a designer, writer, and lecturer in graphic design at Cambridge School of Art. Designer and Associate Editor at PDR Press since 2014, he has also produced books and catalogues for The Henry Moore Foundation, Atelier Xavier Veilhan, and the UK Film Council.

D. Graham Burnett

Series Editor (Conjectures)

Graham lives in New York City and teaches at Princeton. He trained in the History and Philosophy of Science at Cambridge, and currently works at the intersection of historical inquiry and artistic practice. He is also Yara Flores and, sometimes, Eigil zu Tage-Ravn.

Lauren Washuk


Lauren is an MLIS candidate who currently resides somewhere north of the Fraser River Delta in British Columbia. She reads and occasionally writes about the intersections between material culture, visual art and knowledge organization.

Heather Jacobson


A former scientist, Heather now spends her time scrutinizing words. When she’s not reading and editing others’ words, she writes her own. She lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Email Correspondence

Adam Green

Postal Correspondence

The Public Domain Review
87 South Drive
Manchester, M21 8ED,
United Kingdom

The Public Domain Review was founded in 2011 by Adam Green and Jonathan Gray. It is based wherever the Editor-in-Chief may lay his hat/MacBook, though this is mainly London, UK.

A huge thanks to past volunteers, Danaé Panchaud, Zsa Zsa Shea, Anna Krentz, Jake DeBacher, Imogen Clarke, Margot Blankier, and Laura Tradii. And also to Lotta Heikkinen who was intern (courtesy of the Finnish Institute) from March to August 2015.

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