Announcing the theme for our next postcard pack.... TOUCH


May 12, 2020

touch feeling allegory backgrounds

Feeling, one of a series of five depicting the senses, a print by Alexander van Haecken after an image by Jacopo Amiconi — Source.

Last November we chose the theme of change for our "Winter 2019/20" postcard pack. It was meant, in most part, as a nod to the challenges surrounding climate change, and the inevitable changes — in some form or other, on varying timescales — that the crisis heralds. Fast forward half-a-year and it seems a strangely prescient choice. In just a few short months the world has been totally turned upside down by the coronavirus pandemic. One of the many aspects of our daily experience that has altered is how we think about and relate to touch. It has become at once, a source of potential danger, and also for many — amid social distancing measures — something yearned for and missed. And it is the theme we've chosen for our upcoming postcard pack (Summer 2020).

Twice a year we send out our special postcard packs — eight postcards, with a textual insert, curated around a different theme each time. The packs are available exclusively to “Friends of The Public Domain Review”, those good people who pledge an annual donation to the project. Other perks of being a “Friend” include a 10% discount on all our Fine Art Prints (including those framed) and being listed in a special page on our site.

To get this forthcoming pack themed on touch please become a Friend before midnight on June 17th!

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