The Launch of Our End-of-Year Fundraiser!

December 2, 2020

Our End-of-Year Fundraiser is now live! Running from 2nd to 16th December, this is a vital two week period in which we raise most of the funds to keep us going for the next year. We don’t have big sponsors, we don’t do intrusive advertising, instead we are kept alive by donations from you, our wonderful community of readers. If you like the project, and would like to see it continue, then please do consider donating. We need your help, now more than ever.

You can support us either through a one-off donation or, even better, by becoming a “Friend of The Public Domain Review” and so joining our club of loyal supporters each of whom pledge an annual donation, creating a bedrock of support vital to the project.

Our goal is to get 300 new Friends before midnight (PST) on December 16th.

In addition to the warm glow of giving and having the PDR in your life for another year, Friends will also receive a few lovely things in return for their generosity. These include our legendary postcard packs — 8 beautiful postcards curated around a theme, with a textual insert — sent out twice-a-year.

The coming set is themed on COMMUNICATION and will be sent out exclusively to Friends who've come on board before midnight on December 16th.

With all that has happened this year, and the various flavours of division it has wrought — from bipartisan politics to social distancing — it seems an apposite theme, and one that alludes, perhaps, to the possibility of more harmonious times ahead.

sample postcardsScroll through the whole page to download all images before printing.

A previous postcard pack, themed on Light.

Additional Friend perks include a 10% discount on prints, being listed in a special page of honour on the site and in our PDR Press books, as well as an end-of-year letter from the Editor.

For more info and to make your donation — whether as a Friend or a one-off-gift — please visit our support page.

Questions? Then please don’t hesitate to contact Adam on