35mm Stock Footage

A fantastic new collection titled "35mm Stock Footage" has recently been uploaded to the Internet Archive under a Creative Commons Attribution License. Digitized into HD from 35mm original negatives and release prints dating back to the first decade of the 20th century, these unedited sequences were shot for feature films but never used. Much of the footage is "process plates" -- film shot for the rear-projection screens you see out of car, taxi and train windows in old movies. Here we have included a few highlights from the bunch - above: miniature shots of a flooding river carrying away a model house and a small plane crashing in the jungle - below: various war related footage including beautiful shots of a convoy of tanks crossing a river at night under fire, and beneath that aerial footage of military planes in flight (with some athletes running round a track sneaking in at the end).

We also recommend checking out the outtakes from these early shorts.

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