Public Domain GIFs from the OKFestival 2014 Workshop

Untitled, by Colin Raff - Sources: I, II, III, IV, V, VI

A selection of animated GIFs created as part of a workshop we ran at OKFestival 2014 in Berlin along with Kati Hyyppä and Sanna Marttila. See the rest here, and feel free to add more!

The ascent of Mrs. Graham with the Royal Victoria Balloon. August 9th, 1837 - Source: the second volume of William Upcott’s scrapbook of early aeronautica.

Sending my “love!” - Source: Practical Medical Anatomy

Sullivan vs. Sullivan by Niklas - Source: The Public Domain Review I, II / The Digital Comic Museum (Battle Stories 001 / America’s Greatest Comic 002)

By Sanna - Source: to be confirmed.

Mihai Viteazul szobor going crazy, by Joris - Source: Postcard from Europeana

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