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Welcome to The Public Domain Review caption competition! Each month we offer up an image calling out for verbal adornment and you — the cunning, witty, and imaginative reader — submit your caption via the comments on the relevant Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter post. From the entries a worthy winner will be chosen and rewarded with their choice of either: i) a beautiful PDR tote bag; ii) a selection of postcards from our back catalogue; or iii) a whopping 20% discount in our prints shop!

Past Winners

Captioned Panel #11
#11“OK, she made me make a small list of what bothers her about you”submitted by Luis Eduardo Cavi via Facebook
Captioned Panel #10
#10“When you saw only one set of footprints, / It was then that I carried you.”submitted by Verity Holloway via Twitter
Captioned Panel #9
#9The Invention of the Umpire Face Mask, 1885submitted by Garrett Werner via Twitter
Captioned Panel #8
#8“The Ark will be leaving first thing Tuesday morning. All animals need to be loaded by 9:00 Monday night. Unicorn are you listening?”submitted by Greta Bahnemann via Facebook
Captioned Panel #7
#7“Where we’re going you won’t need pants.”submitted by @Jockybat via Instagram
Captioned Panel #6
#6Early attempts at the Roomba were often more work than simply sweeping the floor yourself.submitted by Phil Wood
Captioned Panel #5
#5The inventor of the LOLcat instantly regretted what he had done.submitted by David Haden
Captioned Panel #4
#4“I thought you asked if I had protection?”submitted by Mike Case, from Maryland, U.S.A.
Captioned Panel #3
#3“Sir Joshua Kindell’s reading device offers paperwhite pages and stores up to 12 books. Carry case available.”submitted by Andrew Chapman, Oxfordshire, UK
Captioned Panel #2
#2“When I said I wanted a crowbar…”submitted by Ollie Mustill, from London, UK
Captioned Panel #1
#1“Oh, yes. The entrée is definitely locally sourced.”submitted by Amy Vail, from Rochester, U.S.A.
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