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Premium fine art paper: 100% cotton, acid-free, archival
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Museum quality Giclée print
Premium fine art paper, 100% cotton, acid-free, archival
1" border
Image Size: 9" x 10.8" – Total Size: 11" x 12.8"
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Emblem number 16 from Johann Theodor de Bry's Emblemata Saecularia from 1596. A man who hunts hares is depicted wearing an unusual outfit, known as "mis-parti", where the clothing on the right side differs from the left. He sports a top hat with a broad brim on the right side of his head, and hares are suspended from his waist. In his right hand, he holds a fox tail, and over his shoulder, there's a long stick covered with birds and small monkeys. His left hand holds a stick with an owl on it, while insects buzz around his head. On the ground, there's a defecating dog. In the background, you can spot a jester, a monkey, and two hares acting as "bird catchers." The scene satirizes the peculiar fashion trends of the time. (Source: Rijksmuseum)

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