Delivery Estimates

IMPORTANT: Selected Essays Vol. 7 is due to ship late November with delivery in time for Christmas (estimated by Dec 8th latest for US, and by Dec 18th latest for everywhere else).

Estimated delivery times are running a little longer at the moment at their upper end due to the ongoing Coronavirus crisis, the updated estimate being as follows:


US and Canada10-25 business days15-35 business days
Australia10-25 business days15-30 business days
UK7-25 business days15-30 business days
EU7-25 business days15-35 business days
Everywhere Else10-30 business days15-40 business days


Selected Essays vol. 7
USDue to ship late November, estimated by Dec 8th latest.
Everywhere ElseDue to ship late November, estimated by Dec 18th latest.
Selected Essays vol. 1-6New Editions
US15 to 35 business days15 to 40 business days
UK15 to 35 business days15 to 35 business days
EU15 to 40 business days15 to 40 business days
Everywhere else15 to 50 business days15 to 50 business days

T-Shirts & Mugs

UK10-18 business days
Everywhere Else13-25 business days

Tote Bags

Up to 29 business days

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