A New Batch of Prints and Introducing Themed Sets

November 11, 2020

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Fireworks at Ikenohata (1881), by Kobayashi Kiyochika. One of the new prints just added to the shop, you can buy it here

While, of course, the primary purpose of our Prints Shop is to raise funds for the project by offering you lovely images with which you may adorn your walls, it also functions as a kind of gallery of beautiful images to explore in and of itself — and even more so now with an exciting new set of improvements just gone live!

Themed Sets

You can now browse and explore our many hundreds of prints in a series of 17 new “themed sets” which group images under an array of themes, including The Heavens, Illustration, Diagrams and Schemas, Feathered Friends, Under the Sea, Other Worlds and Dark Arts, and one abstract offering called Abstract-ish. We’ve also got one called Top 40 Bestsellers, which believe it or not displays our top 40 bestsellers (do you trust the PDR populace?). These groupings in these curated sets are in addition to the Subjects tag (another great way of browsing the prints available)which you can find in the Filters section.


We also now have the functionality to allow you to change the display order of whatever prints are showing: by artist name, by the year the artwork was made, by how recently it was added to the shop, and also by popularity (maybe you’d like to give those unpopular prints a leg-up?).

New prints!

As well as these new features, we’ve also just put more than 50 new prints up on the shop! Lots of great ones in there. Perhaps some Christmas presents? For your loved ones? For yourself?

Get your prints this week to ensure delivery before Christmas

Last order dates are earlier this year. All US and Canada orders need to get to us before end of the day on Sunday 15th November. For our prints going to UK, Europe and other countries we are yet to finalise but best to treat it as this week too to make doubly sure you get them in time for the 25th!