Trade Edition of Affinities Now Available for Pre-order

April 27, 2022

Scroll through the whole page to download all images before printing.

This time last year we were in the heady whirl of the crowdfunding campaign for Affinities, our very special book of images made to celebrate 10 years of The Public Domain Review. A whopping 2800 of you ended up buying a copy and — after a long and patient/impatient wait — they have finally started arriving to doors, hands, and eyes over this last week or so.

If you missed out on a copy through the crowdfunder, some good news — there will be a trade edition published by Thames and Hudson! It has a different cover and subtitle to the clothbound Volume edition, but the glorious insides are exactly the same. We are super excited that people who missed out first time round will be able to get a copy — and that it can sit in real-life bookshops and reach a wider audience beyond the PDR faithful.

The UK edition will be out on May 26th, and the US edition on June 7th. (There's also a French language edition already out!)

It's available to pre-order worldwide wherever books are sold. Those in the UK or US can pre-order from our very own store using the buttons below.*

*For any sale via the links above, will give us 10% of the cover price and 10% will be donated to independent bookstores.