Apollo 11 Onboard Recordings (1969)

From NASA: Apollo 11 Onboard Audio Highlights - These are not necessarily major milestones of the mission but are some of the more interesting and clearly recorded conversations the crew members had among themselves as the mission progressed.

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(mission time: 1:24-1:29, tape 11-03302)

As the crew members complete their first orbit of Earth after launch, they talk about the beauty of the planet below.

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(mission time: 003:03:48-003:04:00, tape 11-03348)

The crew members debate the color of the moon before, and after, they fire Columbia's engines to enter lunar orbit.

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(mission time: 003:04:03-003:04:16, tape 11-03348)

After entering lunar orbit, the crew members are amazed at the lunar terrain as they fly 60 miles above the back side of the moon and await Earthrise and to resume communications with Mission Control.

Highlight clip 4
(mission time: 004:03:42-004:03:47, tape 11-03352)

As Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin prepare to depart for the lunar surface in the lunar module Eagle, Mike Collins, in the command module Columbia, bids them farewell ... and tells them to take it easy.

Highlight clip 5
(mission time: 005:04:21-005:04:33, tape 11-03330)

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin lift off from the moon to rejoin Mike Collins in lunar orbit.