Book of French Textile Samples (1863)

This delightful book features a collection of nineteenth-century textile samples — in the form of watercolour copies — from the Robert Maison company (about which we couldn't find too much, apart from the fact they were based in Paris). The scanned copy of the book presented here bears the marks of its years, not just in the notes and revisions left by a previous owner (or creator?), but also, on occasion, in more substantial though accidental changes to the designs. Over the decades some of the bolder patterns have imprinted themselves upon their lighter counterparts sat on the opposite page, the two becoming unintentionally combined to create a series of fine new designs.

Find below some of our highlights. For more design goodness from times gone by check out also our posts on Shin-Bijutsukai, a Japanese design magazine from 1902, and Examples of Chinese Ornament from 1867.