Animated GIFs: Fleischer’s Bubbles (1922)

A series of animated GIFs excerpted by Okkult Motion Pictures from Max Fleischer’s Bubbles, part of his Out of the Inkwell series, which also includes The Tantalizing Fly.

You can see the full film featured on the Internet Archive.

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Okkult Motion Pictures is the brainchild of Marco Calabrese and Alessandro Scali from Turin, Italy. With the Excerpts project, Okkult Motion Pictures aims to bring to light the most interesting and unusual out-of-copyright moving images occulted in Internet archives, through a series of animated gifs. A digital archivalism project for the diffusion of open knowledge. Okkult Motion Pictures official website: / Facebook / Twitter

All Okkult animated GIFs published here under a CC-BY-SA license.