Twelve Twelve Twelve

To celebrate the most auspicious occasion of it being the 12th day of the 12th month of the 12th year, i.e. 12/12/12, we’ve put together a little collection of twelve pictures of people in groups of twelve. Through a mix of paintings and photographs we travel all over the world, from Central Java in Indonesia to very northern Sweden, from south-eastern Russia to the palace of Archduke Leopold Salvador of Austria.

All images sourced from the very handy Wikimedia Commons category “Group portraits with 12 persons”.

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Photograph of the bride and groom Olinus and Berta Nilsson with family and wedding guests, (ca. 1900) by Swedish photographer
Lars Olsson Åkerman – Source

Banquet of the officers and sub-alterns of the Haarlem Calivermen Civic Guard (1599), by Cornelis Cornelisz. van Haarlem – Source

Photograph of the peoples of Selenga Buryat in Russia, 19th century, photographer unknown – Source

The Company of Captain Albert Bas and Lieutenant Lucas Conijn (1645), by Govert Flinck – Source

Group portrait of the regent of Kudus, Tjondro Negoro, with his family – from the Tropenmuseum, photographer unknown, ca. 1870 – Source

Family portrait of Willem van Kerckhoven (ca. 1655) painted by
Johannes Mijtens – Source

Photograph of Montreal Lacrosse Club, QC (1867) by William Notman – Source

Banquet of the Officers of the St George Civic Guard (1616) by Frans Hals – Source

Group picture on the front steps of the “Queen Victoria Lapphem”. Older Sami in costume at the Queen Victoria shelter for sick and old people in Karesuando – Source

The family of Leopold of Tuscany (ca. 1782), by Wilhelm Berczy – Source

Archduke Leopold Salvador of Austria with his wife Infanta Blanca of Spain and their ten children. Vienna 1915, photographer unknown – Source
Date 1915

Duke Frederik I of Württemberg and his family (ca. 1605) –
Center: Duke Frederik I and his wife Sibylla von Anhalt. Left from top: their five sons: Johann Friedrich (1582-1628), Ludwig Friedrich (1586-1631), Julius Friedrich (1588-1635), Friedrich Achilles (1591-1631), Magnus (1594-1622). Right from top: their five daughters: Sibylla Elisabeth (1584-1606), Eva Christina (1590-1657), Agnes (1592-1629), Barbara (1593-1627), Anna (1597-1650) – Source