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Assorted Gemstones

Max Bauer, 1909

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Paper Type
Premium fine art paper: 100% cotton, acid-free, archival
Frame Type
Museum quality Giclée print
Premium fine art paper, 100% cotton, acid-free, archival
1" border
Image Size: 8" x 12" – Total Size: 10" x 14"
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Illustration of assorted gemstones, from Max Bauer's Edelsteinkunde (1909). 1. Lapis lazuli (sanded). 2. Turquoise (sanded). 3. Turquoise (in the rock). 4a. Malachite (natural occurrence). 4b. Malachite (sanded). 5a and 5b. Onyx (from above and from the side). 6. Carnelian (cut and engraved). 7. Agate (carnelian ponyx, as a cut cameo). 8. Chrysoprase (polished). 9. Amber (sanded). (Source: University of Toronto Libraries via Biodiversity Library)