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The Drunkard's Progress

E. B. and E. C. Kellogg, ca. 1846

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Premium fine art paper: 100% cotton, acid-free, archival
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Museum quality Giclée print
Premium fine art paper, 100% cotton, acid-free, archival
1" border
Image Size: 9" x 11.9" – Total Size: 11" x 13.9"
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A satirical take on the German tradition which became known as “Lebenstreppe” or “Stufenalter” — "The Steps of Life" — in which the course of a person's life is shown in divisble stages, ascending and then descending steps. In this example it is the life of a drunkard. Step 1. A glass with a friend. Step 2. A glass to keep the cold out. Step 3. A glass too much. Step 4. Drunk and riotous. Step 5. The summit attained. Jolly companions. A confirmed drunkard. Step 6. Poverty and disease. Step 7. Forsaken by Friends. Step 8. Desperation and crime. Step 9. Death by suicide.