Sniffles and Sneezes (1955)

A 1950s "Health and Safety for You" educational film shows how the common cold is spread not just by sneezing and coughing, but through human contact. The germs are illustrated by a black smudge, and after one careless sufferer of the cold touches a door knob at school, the germs spread though books and pencils, leaving most of the students at risk. The advice given is to stay in bed (and use tissues instead of handkerchiefs, which are disposed of in a rather ingenious little trash bag pinned to the side of the bed). While teaching about how not to spread germs, the film also manages to dish out some lessons in good manners and leading a healthy lifestyle, recommending exercise and a balanced diet while remembering to wash your hands, not put pencils in your mouth, and not use other people's straws when drinking.