Shakespeare in Art

To celebrate the 400th anniversary since the passing of “The Bard” (on 23rd April 1616), we put together some of our favourite images to which his plays have given rise. The artists include William Blake, Henry Fuseli, George Cruikshank, Robert Smirke, and Franz Marc. Enjoy!

Scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Edwin Landseer, 1848-1851 — Source.

Scene from Macbeth, Henry Fuseli, 1785 — Source.

Scene from The Tempest (Caliban), Franz Marc, 1914 — Source.

Scene from Hamlet, Henry Fuseli, after a 1789 painting by Kaufmann — Source.

‘As if an angel dropped down from the clouds’, illustration to Henry IV, William Blake, 1809 — Source.

Photo showing the making of the film Hamlet (1913), featured in Popular electricity magazine in plain English, 1912 — Source.

Scene from Hamlet, George Cruikshank, ca. 1825 — Source.

Scene from The Tempest, Fyodor Paramonov as Caliban (Maly Theatre, Moscow, 1905) – Source.

Scene from The Tempest, unknown artist, 18th century — Source.

Scene from King Lear (“Lear in the storm”), George Romney, undated — Source.

Scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Oberon, Titania and Puck with Fairies Dancing), William Blake, ca. 1825 — Source.

Scene from Henry IV, Samuel Middimanafter Robert Smirke
and Joseph Farington, 1803 — Source.

Charles Kean as Macbeth, 1858 — Source.

Scene from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Ezhegodnik imperatorskikh teatrov, 1890 — Source.

Scene from The Tempest, detail from a painting by Johann Heinrich Ramberg, probably early 19th-century — Source.

Scene from King Lear, James Barry, 1776 — Source.

Scene from Othello, William Heath, 1829 — Source.

Portrait of Sarah Bernhardt as Hamlet, 1880-1885 — Source.

Ira Aldridge in the character of Othello, attributed to James Northcote, 19th century — Source.

Falstaff from The Merry Wives of Windsor, Robert Smirke, 1807 — Source.

Cartoon featuring Romeo, from Sketches of the War: France/Belgium, artist unknown, ca. 1917 — Source.

Shylock turn’d MacBeth…, unknown artist, 1773 — Source.

Malvolio Dancing, from Twelfth Night, Robert Smirke, 1827 — Source.

Scene from Macbeth, Anonymous, c. 18th century — Source.

The First Appearance of William Shakespeare on the Stage of the Globe Theatre, George Cruikshank, 1864-1865 — Source.