Colorised Stereographs of The Russo-Japanese War (1905)


A selection of colorised stereographs depicting Japanese soldiers and camp life during the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-1905. A result of a rivalry between the Russian Empire and the Empire of Japan over the control of areas in Manchuria and Korea, the war would introduce a number of features that came to define 20th-century politics and warfare. It was on its battlefields that many technological innovations of the Industrial Revolution first became used in warfare on a mass scale – including modern armaments, such as rapid firing artillery and machine guns – paving the way for the devastation of the WW1 in the following decade. In the end, the Japanese victory took the West by surprise and Russia was forced to forfeit its expansion policy in the Far East, with Japan proving it was a force to be reckoned with. As for Russia, the many defeats suffered by the country led to discontent over the Romanov autocracy, and after World War I contributed to the February Revolution of 1917.

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Japanese army reserves leaving Dalny for Port Arthur

Japanese officer looking into Port Arthur

Gathering fuel in the Manchurian corn fields

Japanese bomb proof burrow

Getting ready to fire one of the 'Osaka babies'

A peace offering bound for Port Arthur

A Japanese cavalry hostler

Recreation in a Japanese army camp

Warming up their camp lunches

Eleven inch shells for the 'Osaka babies.'

A convalescent's letter home

Loading an 'Osaka baby'

Lt. General Oshima on his way to the war council

Camp life of the Japanese soldier

Plunder captured from the Russians

A soldier's barber shop in a Japanese camp.

Japanese water guard protecting the camp's supply from contamination

Boiling drinking water for the Japanese army

Comfortable jin rickshaws for the wounded in Dalny

A bomb proof dugout at General Nogi's headquarters

A Chinese pawn shop in Dalny

Sending a message to the Czar

A Japanese trench guard at mess

A group of Japanese army telegraphers

Wounded soldiers on their way to hospitals at Dalny