Source: Cushing/Whitney Medical Library

Cushing/Whitney Medical Library

The Cushing/Whitney Medical Digital Library is a growing collection of digitized resources made available on the Web for scholarship. There are currently twenty collections in the Digital Library, including photographic collections such as the Yale School of Medicine collection, Nursing collection, photographs of Medical Historical Library founder and neurosurgeon Harvey Cushing, soldiers wounded in the Civil War, and photographs of hysteria and insanity from the Iconographie Photographique de la Salpêtrière. Other digitized collections include parts of the Medical Historical Library's poster, print, and portrait collections, bookplates, tobacco advertising, and postcards. The Lam Qua paintings collections consists of 83 mid-nineteenth century oil paintings in the Historical Library rendered by Western-trained artist Lam Qua of Chinese patients with tumors under the care of Yale-trained medical missionary, Peter Parker.

Other Sources

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